I’m going on a journey to get an Accelerated Degree, a Bachelor’s degree in business management, in 1 year, and this my story.

I’m 28 years old, with a lot of work experience, but no degree. This is a diary of my attempt to get a degree from an accredited/respected University in 1 degree, entirely online. I’m posting this online to help anyone else who might want to do this.

I’m listing EVERY video that I have on this one page for now. I’m putting them all in order, so you can watch from beginning to end. That might not be the best way to categorize everything, but I’ll make improvements as I go. I’m also working on transcribing each of the videos in order, for people who would prefer to read them.

Here are the links to all my diary videos and transcripts

It was really messy to put all of the accelerated degree diary videos on one huge page, so I’ve moved them all to their own individual posts and I just have the links here, which I think is much more convenient.