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My great strength is to take ideas and turn them into project plans, with to-do lists that make sense

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Some things that I can help you with, as a person or a business

If you are thinking about going to, or going back to, college, I can probably help some. You can check out the videos of my journey to my own 4 year, fully accredited, non-profit state school provided bachelor’s degree, which I attempted to acquire in one year. I was not able to accomplish the whole feat in the 12 months I originally wanted, but I have earned almost 80 credits in that time, and am currently on my way toward finishing well under 2 years. I have provided a FAQ page of all the best questions that I received from youtube and various other sources as I documented and shared that journey. Also a list of study, self-management, and degree program building resources that I found very helpful along the journey.
I will sit with you for 1 hour and, following a structure of conversation that I’ve developed over hundreds of “coffees” with potential clients, I will learn about you and your business or idea. I will take notes during the time we chat together and then within 24 hours I will come up with 10 ideas, specifically tailored to you and your situation, that will push you, your idea, or your business forward in the direction you want. These ideas will not depend on my participation and will focus on being cost and time effective relevant to your situation.
I will listen to the goals for your idea, or the goals that you have for a project, and I will determine what the actual needs are to accomplish the idea, or where more information needs to be found in order to put together more stable workload, cost set, and timeline estimations. The idea does not have to be in any particular vertical, but if the idea is something I’m unfamiliar with, I will have to take the idea back to my network (or expand my network) for a short period of time in order to do proper feasibility discovery. If you have particular budget or timeline constraints, I will keep those in mind as I find possible solutions.
If you need something more than what Google can handle, (like hands on help or an answer specific to your situation, or a banjo tutor) and you’d like to have access to a human who can be available for further discussion if necessary, then send me your request. I will send the request out to my trusted and vetted network and connect you to a person who has proven themselves capable of handling whatever you need help with.
The 4 Pillar is an assessment tool for small businesses. It helps them know exactly where to put their energy for the biggest impact. It’s online and simple enough for a fourteen-year-old to use. It only covers things that are the core of ANY business, anywhere; Finances, Planning, Operations, and Sales. Take the assessment, and get a clearly written report saying what you should do next. Since tech has limitations, I also provide expert, affordable people (not just me) who can give advice or do work to support you. I’ve already vetted the quality of the pros I recommend, but you can see samples of their work before you talk to them. Time or work from those experts runs a maximum of $100 per hour, no matter what work they’re doing. Take it, get results, go to work.

My Tedx Talk about how Processes are made:

Some kind words that others have spoken about me:

“Nathan is an extremely knowledgeable business professional who I’ve witnessed, on several occasions, earn the attention of audience members and effectively communicate useful business advice that I and the others have been able to implement to improve our own lives!  He does a great job molding his talks to accomplish the intended goals of his audience.”

JJ Peller

Financial Advisor

“Nathan is a dynamic speaker, natural and well prepared yet able to adjust to any audience.  Equally engaging in groups of three, twenty, or more than one hundred, being able to bring a relatable quality to every talk.”

Aaron Mitchel

PHD Professor of Business, Purdue Northwest

“Nathan can set a room of people at ease. As a participant listening to Nathan speak, I enjoy how he provides meaningful descriptions to reaffirm his message.  He provides a focus that is clear and to the point for his listeners.”

JoElla Depra

Trust Officer

Nathan speaks with extremely high clarity of purpose and content in his talks. His commitment to the topic at hand lends itself to a great follow-on discussion within the audience and during Q&A.”

Eric Zosso

Small Business Owner, Provito

Questions? Hit me up.

A recent bachelor’s degree progress update:

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We’re all working for ourselves

I've slung around the term "entrepreneur" for most of my life. My parents owned a grocery store before I was born, then they owned a meat packing...

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Join My Trusted Network

I’ve put together a sort of mailing list for when I have someone ask me if I know anyone who does “X” thing. For instance, I’ve used this list to connect people with local CPAs, mobile app developers, and one time I helped to find a friend someone who could teach them to play the Banjo.

I know a lot of people who are awesome, and between all of us, we know a LOT of people who are really good at what they do. I don’t like Facebook or LinkedIn for connecting people about these types of things because you don’t really know specifically who you’re asking, or if they’ll see it. I don’t want to throw your request into the void, I want to ask the people that I know specifically who have the type of skill or connection that you need.

If you’d like to be part of that list, hit me up! Full disclosure though: It’s fairly exclusive. I won’t recommend you to anyone unless I know you and I’ve seen that you produce good work in whatever you do, so if you’re interested in being on this list we’ll need to get to know each other.

Either way, thanks for reading through this!