This is how I'm keeping track of building a game and learning Unreal Engine 4 or whatever

It's just a diary of the journey, not a step by step.

Q&A Section

A skeleton is a heirarchy of some type of object that defines points of rotation on a 3d model.

The model is “bound” to those bones which determines how they move. Some people call this “Rigging.”

*To share animations, characters should use the same skeletal asset.

To-Do Stuff

Change Log


  • Add a 2nd floor to your puzzle game
  • Add a button of some sort to the puzzle game
  • Add an AI of some sort to the puzzle game
  • Color all the Walls of the puzzle Game 1st floor
  • Check out this Youtube Playlist
  • How do key bindings work?
  • Where do animations come from?
  • Learn how to use the color editor.
  • How do I create a new character that I can punch?

Neato Things

  • Learn more about the color editor and how it works



  • Set up a camera for the first time to see 3rd person
  • Made my first game – a single floor maze where you control a small cone from a 3rd person perspective. Yup, that’s it, but I did it and that’s awesome.
  • Got pretty good at setting up input controls and even did the blueprint mapping for one set. (Couldn’t repeat it on my own yet though)


  • Started a new blank project to follow along with
  • Learned way better how to navigate around using the keyboard commands in the viewport
  • Learned to place basic geometry objects using the Mode/Geometry section
  • Learned how to sorta change their size using the details/transform pane
  • Placed some pre-built furniture and some walls and lights and stuff. Neato!


  • Tried to add a “Punch” command and that didn’t work. So, figure out what’s going on there.
  • Created a “Mesh” that was Metallic Red and attached it to the main character model. Now the model is red. Neat.


  • Added a changelog to the GameDev project and looked at a few videos
  • Downloaded C++ learning app on my phone and it’s all gibberish
  • Checked a Reddit thread and found some awesome videos instead
  • Launched my first Blueprint based 3rd person project and walked through the interface tutorial
  • Had an idea for my first game – 1 room with 1 enemy that gets killed by hitting it physically.
  • Found a youtube playlist to learn more about the 3rd person blueprints set-up
  • Watched the 1st 3rd person tutorial video and added questions to the to-do list
  • Watched a few more 3rd person tutorial videos


  • Installed Unreal Engine instead of Unity, after much deliberation
  • Added Game Dev Project Page and link to it on the homepage


  • Built a website to keep track of all my projects, including this one


  • Had the idea to build a game