This is how I'm keeping track of building the library, within the library.

It's so meta.

To-Do Stuff

Change Log


  • Go through your Evernote and figure out what all is in there that should get pulled over
  • Set up a button for the google sheet with your degree program
  • Go through your school content and see if there’s anything helpful in there
  • Pull workout content into here
  • Set up a FAQ for the college questions you’ve gotten on your youtube channels
  • Is there some way to integrate all of my quora answers here?
  • Connect social buttons to my LinkedIn and Twitter

Neato Things

  • Look into the ACTUAL image size for the featured images
  • Pull the other testimonials into somewhere convenient
  • Finish adding things I can do to help people
  • Add links and buttons to things I can do to help people
  • Put descriptions on all the college diary videos


  • Add 2 videos to accelerated degree page
  • Reorganize accelerated degree page
  • Add transcript to accelerated degree page
  • Fix a few broken links


  • Massive overhaul for SEO friendliness
  • Added significant content to focus on targeting business consulting
  • Reorganized Homepage to follow QAEA method


  • Added Vertical Thinking post
  • Added Q&A page to College project (Haven’t added answers yet!)


  • Significant design changes to the homepage
  • Fixed JJ’s photo in the testimonials
  • Added several “ways I can help you” to the homepage


  • Started the “How to leave a useful game review” post
  • Pulled about 30 posts from my OLD blog into the site
  • Changed the footer so it doesn’t display dumb stuff
  • Set a widget in that right-sidebar on posts
  • Added my Tedx Talk to the homepage
  • Updated a bunch of the projects pages
  • Added a search function to the site


  • Added a new business idea


  • Added a little more from Evernote
  • Added the logo


  • Added a bunch more things from my old EverNote (Still a ways to go)


  • Added a bunch of stuff from EverNote
  • Added some things to the Gaming Project


  • Changed the layout of the changelog to be two-column instead of single flow
  • Added a few posts from Evernote
  • Wrote some description for the White List


  • Added some actual testimonials to the homepage
  • Changed the post sliders on the homepage to be what they’re supposed to
  • Changed the post layout from Right Sidebar to Full Width


  • Updated “Home” navigation link in the primary menu
  • Installed Unreal Engine instead of Unity, after much deliberation
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Set up Google Tag Manager
  • Realized that Divi theme has a place you can install those tags
  • Embed the tag manager into the site and verify search console
  • Finished moving over all my LinkedIn posts
  • Added Derek as an Admin on the site – we’re gonna play around with UE4 together
  • Updated the To-Do list
  • Pulled all the videos I have from youtube into the website
  • Added Game Dev Project Page and link to it on the homepage


  • Updated the DNS
  • Apparently broke a bunch of the link structure or something so now the home navigation doesn’t work right
  • Decided that if I want to learn a game engine, I’ll probably learn Unity
  • Embedded the 4Pillar Assessment and added the Vision Statement
  • Moved over some more of the LinkedIn articles
  • Updated the To-Do list


  • Dragged over  a bunch of posts from LinkedIn
  • Set up the sitemap
  • Looked into a bunch of module types
  • Watched some videos on how to use Divi
  • Set up a test project
  • Set up the change-log
  • Set up the to-do list


  • Spun up the website on the server
  • Purchased my domain name for $10


  • Had the idea to build my own library.
  • Created the power point that determined a bunch of stuff about it.