Like the title says, this is a game building checklist.

I love checklists, and I have a strong believe that processes should exist, because they allow us to stop using our most precious resources (time and human energy) on things we’ve already figured out, and allow us to stand on top of those things in order to come up with other, cooler stuff.

So, I’m creating this checklist and I keep digging into game development and seeing what other people have to say is the step-by-step of game building. I’m going to keep adding sections here, and also adding tidbits of infomation into each section that help to Drill Down into the different parts as they make more sense and, specifically, as they become more actionable.

I have a reference list at the bottom of this page but I also create quotes to be links back to the original source if that is at all possible, because I respect that people have put their time and energy into syphoning down the information they had, so I want to make sure you have access to whatever cool thing they were working on.

Identify Your Target Audience


To-Do Stuff

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