This will be the project of learning to make games and code in C++

Here’s a pretty good video to help get you into the mindset for setting a small goal and completing it in whatever you’re doing, but especially game creation.

  1. Find a language and tools and use them, and use them
  2. Keep it small
  3. Finish it (Don’t let scope creep happen)
  4. You’ll learn a lot more trying to complete one whole thing, even if it’s small, than starting over and over
  5. Polish later – Minimum viable product first

This is all about getting your mind right for how to learn to code, but the idealogy is pretty solid for how to learn anything. Basically he says:

“You don’t want to learn to code, you want to learn to make something, and coding might be part of that. If you’re trying to make something it’s pretty likely that you’ll learn to code along the way. If you’re just trying to learn to code, you probably won’t get either one done.”

1. Pick a project.

2. Do that project.

3. Learn naturally by having to solve problems.

This Level Designer tutorial is totally where you should start in the Unreal Engine. I can tell already that this is going to be way more helpful for getting used to things as an absolute beginner than starter with some of the other “pre-built” worlds.

Had a really hard time finding a tutorial to help me figure out how to actually make a character in the UE4 engine that was up to date enough to be correct. but this was the one. This tutorial series is actually up to date enough to be almost completely relevant with the current engine and the comments on the videos explain the parts where you would have trouble otherwise.


Actually, TONS of super useful tutorial playlists here.

These tutorials are also pretty fantastic – I’m personally working through some of the experience gain tuts and basically how to set up an RPG or basic progression system.