This is how I'm keeping track of building the library, directly within the library.

It's so meta.

To-Do Stuff

  • Drag the rest of the LinkedIn articles in
  • Go through your Evernote and figure out what all is in there that should get pulled over
  • See if your OLD blog is still up
  • Look into the ACTUAL image size for the featured images

Change Log


  • Dragged over  a bunch of posts from LinkedIn
  • Set up the sitemap
  • Looked into a bunch of module types
  • Watched some videos on how to use Divi
  • Set up a test project
  • Set up the change-log
  • Set up the to-do list


  • Spun up the website on the server
  • Purchased my domain name for $10


  • Had the idea to build my own library.
  • Created the power point that determined a bunch of stuff about it.