I watched Michael Port give a webinar and these are my notes

Have them!

Why do we serve people? Is it so that they can grow closer to God? Are we serving people so that they can live richer lives?

How are we as people enriching the lives of our fellow church members? How can we serve in such a way that we could offer the service to other groups of people in town?
Can we partner with other groups of people in order to provide a better service? Is it so important that we stay within our own circle of people?
I’ve wondered for a long time why churches are so segregated. I understand separation by distance and inability to travel to meet.
Convenience plays a big part in the type of group that you’re a part of. I have never understood why a church would be on one block
while another church met two blocks over. How is it that we are so divided but preach a message of unity?
What are some things that we can partner with other churches in, instead of trying to do ourselves?
Child care for date nights
Food Pantry for the poor
Lawn care or home care for the poor
Clothing donations (Partner with local salvation army even?)

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