This is my Foundation business start up course/book/thing

It's actually really useful, I'm just not sure what to call it yet

To-Do Stuff


Thought –
Who your target customer is should influence your writing style. Remember that you’re writing from a perspective:

We are a company – Turnkey Concepts –

We are writing to you – a stranger –

Task –
Remove the “digitally is how we want things but you should print this” bit

 Thought –
Reinforce the idea that meeting people will help them succeed.
Networking is really important, and that doesn’t have to be hard.

Task –
Look through the book at what I say about networking. Drop comments in here and there about how talking to people and getting to know people in different industries can be immensely helpful. About how you might have a thousand connections that you don’t even know about. And about how, even if you don’t know anyone, that’s ok, you can figure that out as you go.

 Task –
Look at the way you phrase Vision and Mission statement questions. Perhaps they should be explained in greater detail or made to feel more specific. Perhaps they should be phrased in a way that makes Vision feel more personal and mission feel more business.

Task –
Segment 2 – perhaps use the word different, or communicate about “differentiation” within building your business, and specifically while you look at your competitors. As you view them, what ways do you see that you will be different than them?

Seg 1 Mod 3: How often will you checking in
Seg 1 mod 4: money-Rephrase next to last sentence about money/cashflow
Seg 1 mod 4: Make relationships not quite as scary sounding. More opportunities more available. Also, fix “when a single crap” to “crab”
Seg 1 mod 5: 2nd paragraph – fix wording of strength/weakness
Seg 1 mod 7: Add simple examples/differentiate the two more effectively.
Segment 2: Talk right away about working in your workbook throughout the segment. Do your competitor profiles as you read through the second segment.
Seg 2 mod 4: First paragraph second sentence rephrased.
From the Board – 
Add pricing to Segment 3
Demographic Research Excel Sheet
Check for Typos
When Segment 4 is over…where do you go from there?
Next steps after Segment 4
All Text boxes in worksheet adjusted correctly
S&W Finder layout corrected
Remove Tables and put in lines manually
Check every text box and header to make sure that each object is independent of text
Divide Segment 4 into several relevant segments

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