I watched Michael Port give a webinar and these are my notes

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  1. Create your own intellectual property or method (Material)
  2. Purchase a franchise
  3. License someone else’ intellectual property
  4. Wing it with mediocre material
How to make your own business coaching business, work
  1. You have to have something worth selling, that shows it provides a result
  2. You have to be able to FIND customers
  3. You have to be able to SELL to those customers
  4. You have to have a way to DELIVER the information that leads to results
Having something that people want to buy:
  • Just because you believe that your system is a great idea, it doesn’t mean the market will
  • If the thing you’re selling isn’t any good, you’ll be found out quickly
How do you know that what you have is something worth buying?
  • Prove it. Has it worked in the past? How many times? This is called Social proofing. When someone else already likes it, it means that a new person is more likely to purchase.
  • Client Testimonials are super important.
  • It produces CLEAR deliverables. (What do I GET when I invest in your services?)
  • Coaching is just the delivery system that the RESULTS come in from.
If you help people get more clients, how many and how fast?
If you help people cut their costs, by how much and how soon?
If you help people increase their revenues, how much and how soon?
Coaches get overwhelmed because they don’t have a process.
They try to create everything from scratch, and end up writing a custom prescription for everyone they meet.
“Solving the client’s problem” doesn’t mean writing a custom prescription for everybody you meet.
You need to show your clients that you have a PROVEN PROCESS THAT LEADS TO RESULTS.
IF you’re not clear on who you are, what you do, what you provide, the results, and who your client is, you’re not ready yet.
Networking – Doesn’t mean events, it means continuing to build relationships with people who can give you a leg up
Direct Outreach – Building NEW relationships with people who can give you a leg up
Referrals –
Speaking –
Web Strategy
Marketing doesn’t GIVE YOU CLIENTS.
It just makes AWARENESS about who you are and what you have to offer. IT ONLY CREATES ATTENTION, BUT NOT TRUST.
When you have tangible intellectual property worth selling, it makes selling it much easier.
How to find clients? If you’ve got something worth selling but no one to sell it to, how do you find those people?
Can you say what you do to an 83 year old grandmother AND her 6 year old granddaughter, and say things in such a way that they can both understand it immediately?
How do you regularly ask for the sale?
  1. What are you looking to achieve? (What is it that you want?)
  2. How will you feel when you achieve it? (Why is that important to you?)
  3. Would you like someone to help with that? (Yes, No, or It Depends)
  4. Would you like that person to be me?
Probably it depends on how that works. So, how do I explain how it works?
It’s gotta be pretty simple.
You have to have the confidence to say “The Best thing for you, is me.”
Delivery Methods:
You know what to expect – Your Client Knows what to Expect
One to One – Very Personal, Great Results (Phone, G+, Skype)
Groups – Great Leverage – Exciting Group Dynamic – Positions you as a leader in the center of a community
Speaking – Fantastic Brand-Building – Touch Huge Numbers of People – Can Achieve Rock Start Status
Corporate Training – Great Fees – Variable Dynamic – Often High Profile Long-term Projects – Opportunity for Travel
Virtual Coaching/Virtual Products – Entirely Leveraged – Entirely Automated – Can Attract Affiliates

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