Last week I talked about Marketing Plans and how they’re really easy. Part of the reason they’re easy is because we now have a template for how to make marketing plans. There are a bunch of other things that are pretty easy for us here at Turnkey, some examples would be:

  1. Budgets
  2. Freelancer Contracts
  3. Writing Blogs
  4. Business Assessments

These things aren’t easy because we’ve done them so many times that we just “have experience” with those things now, (though that certainly helps). These things are easy because we templated them. We have a go-to budget, a go-to contract, a go-to assessment. We even have rules that this blog conforms to, every week.

That does NOT mean that our creativity is stifled: on the contrary, it means that we now have space to be more creative. We don’t have to innovate all the parts we’ve already come up with before, which means that we now have room to innovate new things. We’ve revised our budget template several times now, and we had the time and headspace to do that because we had a template to build on. Also, now, when we need to make a budget for someone, we can just customize our template some, instead of re-creating it from scratch each time. It also means that we get to step away from the entire thing sometimes and say “if we want this to do X, can it be done on this foundation at all, or is it time to build something completely new?”

It should be noted that what we are NOT saying is that you should make things “one size fits all.” Because one size doesn’t fit all. Templating means that instead of going to each individual person and having a conversation about how to keep their feet warm, you can learn to make socks – and then you can have a conversation about what size foot they have and what colors they like…or if they need something that isn’t socks.Templates should give you more room to be creative. So template everything you can.

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