How many times has someone told you about the new idea they had in the shower?

There’s a relatively simple explanation for this: When we’re doing something that is so habitual that our brains don’t need to make executive decisions, you actually have space to think freely.

It’s notable that the “deep shower thoughts” situation is so prevalent. That equates to roughly ten minutes spent habitually in tasks that allow free form thought every day… well, let’s say almost every day.

This is why we see forms of meditation as something hyper successful people do. It’s not really about the mediation: it’s about the habitual time spent doing something that allows free-form thought. But it doesn’t have to be meditation. The “trick” is to find something that you can do nearly asleep, just like showering.

For example, in my life that activity is running. If I ever stop running, I know that my business will suffer for it. I’ve been running for 17 years and while I’m not particularly quick or able to run vast distances, I do not need to think in order to run. It takes about half a mile for my body to know exactly what’s happening and the auto-pilot to kick on. After that, my thoughts are free to go wherever they will. I’ve solved hundreds of problems and made hundreds of decisions while chugging along the sidewalks. Running is my habitual time to think.

So what is that thing for you? That thing you do habitually that unchains your mind and lets it connect all the dots for you? If you don’t have one, I want to challenge you to find one. You don’t have to meditate, it can be almost any activity, but start performing it habitually, and start generating great ideas somewhere besides the shower.

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