It’s the digital age, where almost all information is available at the tips of our fingers. Has there been a time when we could more easily collaborate to create? To share ideas? To easily distill massive amounts of information down into something that helps us produce expected results repeatedly?

So where are the step by step guides?

I’m not talking about digging deep into the minutia, with the 77 step process:

  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Dial the number
  3. Wait for the ring
  4. Greet (In a friendly way!)
  5. Use script A

I’m talking about the training manual. The on-boarding documentation you should have when you hire someone. The written standards, the project flow chart.

Where is this stuff online? Why don’t we have generic, middle level guides for all of this stuff coming out our ears? Why do I keep getting opinion pieces when I type in “Sales Process” and the best answers are still buried in a Quora thread?

Why do these things keep being re-invented or opined, instead of just tweaked for the situation?

Or maybe there is a guide out there and I just missed it.

Who has the guide for finding the guides?

You can see this on my LinkedIn if you’d like