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What is GutPunch?

Gutpunch is a fitness RPG mobile app.

I’ll break those things themselves down:

Gutpunch is a silly name that I came up with on a whim. I think it needs changed to something that sounds cooler.

Fitness is anything that you’re doing to get your body moving, and to challenge your muscles. Fitness can be both physical and mental, but Gutpunch focuses mainly on the physical aspect.

RPG stands for Role Playing Game, which is the kind of game that effectively lets a person take on the persona of another individual. It lets you become someone else, in another world. Usually, a world that is impossible within the confines of our own. It is the kind of game that lets you wield magic, or superpowers. It lets you fight dragons, supervillains, or even aliens.
Perhaps a key component to a great RPG, is the act of becoming more powerful as you progress. When you defeat an enemy, or overcome a challenge, you gain experience points. After earning a number of points, your character gains power, making him generally stronger, but usually becoming strongest in the way that makes the most sense for the kind of person you are. (Powerful Warrior, Agile Ranger, Flexible Assassin) This allows you to take on stronger enemies and greater challenges than you ever could have at first.

A mobile app is a computer program specifically designed for a single person to easily use on their mobile phone. The purpose of these programs is to make every day tasks convenient, or even to provide entertainment value.

All together, Gutpunch seeks to take physical and mental fitness and make it entertaining and engaging by embracing the naturally motivating and addictive nature of RPG games, and delivering it in a simple, convenient package directly to individual users.

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