I was looking at my blog just now, and from the very beginning (which was just a few days ago) I decided to disregard any association with frivolities.

I would not set my page up with photos, backgrounds, layouts, links, follow buttons, ads, or plugs.
I would write, in as blank a space as possible, in as simple and natural a method as possible.
I would not care about page views, monetizing, or even worth.

This is dedicated, as anyone can easily see by the start of each preceding sentence, to “I.”

Oddly enough this is also how I believe that others should be treated.
In as simple and foundational* a way as is possible.

I feel the great success of things can be attributed to how clean they are.

Nothing is as clean as a blank sheet of paper.
Nothing is as wholesome and welcoming as a sheet of paper with perfunctory decoration.

We have always recognized that something to which is dedicated space, is special.
Do not hide your special things within conglomeration; take care to avoid this.

*Fun Fact: Blogger doesn’t recognize foundational as a word.