We talk about disruption all day. The world is moving at an incredible rate, things are changing every day, advances in technology, forward thinking, progression… but nothing is really changing.

“People” is what we are. As people, we have some innate needs and desires;
Needs: food, drink, shelter

Desires: community, communication, pleasure, safety, self expression, worship.

The methods that we use to do those things have been shifting since Mankind was created. But in fact, we haven’t ever enabled new forms of anything that we do; we’ve only played with the originals, and sometimes the originals are still the best.

We still use speech. Sound, coming out of our throats, is still a primary method of communication. It’s often the preferred method.

We still use touch. It is still a primary way we receive information about things, and often the most intimate method. We still create with our hands. (our feet, our bodies)

We still use sight. We still use hearing. We still use smell.

Nothing has changed. We create convenience, we communicate with each other – we seek comfort, friendship, caring, community, power, pleasure, substance.
Everything is about people, everything is about us. For all this “change” and “disruption” – we’re still a bunch of people. It’s just people.

So next time you’re hearing about the latest craze or you’re wondering how you can take your business (or someone else’s) to the next level, just remember:

It’s all the same.

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