I have said all these things:

“I wish I had something focused to write about, and that I was good at writing it.”
“I think if I picked something to write about, I’d be good at it.”
“Maybe not like professional level, not right at first…but pretty quickly.”
“Specifically, I’d like to write something that wasn’t simply for myself.”
“I’d like to write something that added value to someone’s life, something that I often find that I need.
Video game guides are probably the most prevalent in my list of ideas.”

I guess there are three things that stop me:

The ‘someone else has probably done it’ feeling.
Even if mine would be better, even leagues better, that thought still effectually prohibits me from pursuing the creation of something.

The ‘insurmountable task’ feeling.
I have no way to overcome this in my life except to put in on a burner and let it simmer for an unnecessarily long time. I have yet to discover the cure for this.

The ‘unfleshed’ idea feeling.
Do I feel like this thing needs someone to write something about it? Yes.
Do I feel like that someone could definitely be me? Absolutely.
Do I have a vague notion of how I would go about it? For sure.
Do I think I could not only write it, but totally kick ass at writing it? Hell yeah!
Do I have a plan so I can sit down and begin right now? No way!
Will I sit down and build that plan? Almost definitely not.
Will I at least make a plan to sit down and make that plan? Unlikely.
Will the vague notion that if I had done something about it, it would have been great, remain? Probably.

Conclusion: I’ll probably just not do it, and let my ego be bolstered by the ideas of what I have not done.