In an effort to work from home I have transferred as much as I can over to files that are kept in cloud storage. This means I’m going through my work sitting next to my x-box and dressed in my sweatpants. I don’t know if this is particularly productive, but I also know that sitting at my desk like normal is not conducive to me being truly productive. So at the very least I’m making an effort at bettering my output…even if that means I’m desperately trying to make excuses to play Happy Wars.

First benefit of working from home: Anytime I get antsy I can just hop up and do some push-ups.
I try to get so many push-ups a day, along with plank and body weight squats. This is really hard at work, because I have a desk right out in the middle of the floor and it would look retarded. This is really nice.

Second benefit: I can listen to music.

Third benefit: Zero commute, no gas money, no getting ready.

Fourth benefit: I can eat what I make here.

Fifth benefit: Zero guilt when I’m not sitting on some work related screen when I get those moments of distraction.

Sixth benefit: Creating my own reward systems.
I can decide “I am going to get this much work done before I do this other thing.” and then really revel in something that I want to do. Not just “before I play toss the paper into the can”

Seventh benefit: I am not chained to my desk.
When a particular something comes up and I want to think about it, I can stand up and walk around.

Eighth benefit: The breakroom and food are not the only ways to take a fiver.
I often eat at work simply as a means of taking a tiny break from what I’m doing. I don’t have to do that here, because there are a dozen other things I would rather do than eat.

Ninth benefit: Having my cousin Shawn sitting a few feet away listening to music, watching videos of stuff I like, and generally making it feel like I’m kinda hanging out while I’m working. I suppose it’s possible that some work places are like that, but I certainly am not used to one.

Tenth Benefit: If what I’m wearing becomes uncomfortable, I can change

Eleventh benefit: I can freely adjust the atmosphere in my own home, instead of being dictated by the limitations of conditioning the air of a several thousand square foot space.

Twelfth benefit: My own office.

Thirteenth benefit: I can do household things as the small break type things I do. Need to go for a walk for a minute? Took out the trash while I got up. Now when I get home from work, I don’t have to take out the trash. Double productivity.

Fourteenth benefit: My desk can be anything.
I was getting a little cramped from sitting at my normal desk, so I moved over to my table. A giant, clean desk. mmm

Fifteenth benefit: No definitive hours unless I want them.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I discovered during my regular work hours today. That’s a pretty convincing set of things for me.