This morning I woke up at 4:30am and stayed awake for an hour because I had so many thoughts swirling around in my head that I wanted to write about. It’s interesting what the perception of an audience does in the mind of someone who has the…bent, of teaching. I have a strong desire to share the things I know with others, because I want to serve them by providing a way for them to grow in both knowledge and wisdom.

So I was thinking about all these things…and I realized that probably five people read whatever it is that I write, and those people likely already understand better than I do all the ideas that I’d like to share with them.

So I played the Elder Scrolls Online public beta for about forty-five minutes and went back to bed.

Here’s today’s work-out!

Full Body Circuits:

Warm up – 5 minutes jogging in place

Chest -> Legs -> Back -> Core -> Jog in place 1 Minute -> Repeat

Chest Legs Back Core
Claw Push-Ups 16 Jump Rope :60 Pull-Ups 11 Lateral Wall Walk 16
Shadow-Box :60 Side Lunge 10 sets Front Lever Training :15


Mountain Climber :30
Incline Push-up 25 Front Kicks 15 sets Chin-Up Hang :30 Crunchy Frogs 20
Dive Bombers 10 Jump Squat 10 Superman 15 Russian Twist 20
Clapping Push-ups 10 Heisman :60 Alternating Pull-Ups 10 Handstand Hold :10 x 5