Almost every morning, I go through a routine.

I wake up, turn on my computer, check my phone to see if I’ve won a million dollars or the world has ended, look outside to assess the weather, write on my white-board my list of things to do today, make some coffee, and then read and think for a little bit.

I take my coffee the same way every single time: in a mug. That’s about the only consistency I need in that regard. Sure, I have my preference for flavor and roasts or whatnot, but what’s really important is the very warm liquid (I can’t drink steaming beverages) contained within that mug.

You know what else? It has nothing to do with the caffeine or the flavor. (Though it is delicious.)

It’s all about the routine. Those moments of sitting, drinking, thinking, reading…I just want that to be part of my life, and coffee helps that happen, since those things are sort of a natural extension of holding a precariously balanced mug of hot liquid.

Also it helps me poop, so I got that going for me, which is nice. ( )

Today’s workout!

Full Body Circuits:

Warm up – 5 minutes jogging in place

Chest -> Legs -> Back -> Core -> Jog in place 1 Minute -> Repeat

Chest Legs Back Core
Push-Ups 40 Squat 20 Pull-ups 15 Body Curls 10
Dive Bomber 12 Wall-Sit :60 Front Lever Attempt 5 Low Plank Oblique 15
Punches 60 sets Jump Squat 15 Two Finger Pull Up 8 Donkey Kicks 10
One Arm Push (Attempt) 5 sets Box Jump Overs 12 Chin-Up Hang :40 Bridge 8
Claw Push-Up 7 Jump Rope :60 Handstand Hold 5x


180 Box Jumps 10