I do a lot of stuff. One of those ‘stuff’s is to move my body in such a way that it challenges my being to operate at it’s best. Sometimes, even to have it improve what ‘best’ means to it.

I’ve been doing this particular ‘stuff’ for a while, and I’m fairly versed in the various methods for moving one’s body to create this state of improvement. That being said, I still become bored by it. I’ve tried various means of accountability and inspiration throughout my time challenging my body, and for a little while, I’m going to try this method.

I’m going to share my challenge with you. (I don’t know who you are, so I mean that in a collective, non-specific sense.)

I’ll post the challenge here. You can do it too if you like; or not. You can just read it; or not. It’s cool; it’s mostly for me anyway. But if it in some way inspires you, that’s pretty great, and feel free to follow along.
If you have any questions, which is unlikely, about exercises, or how to do stuff, or where to get equipment (like a box to jump over) you can feel free to ask. I like to help people jump over boxes.

(Full Disclosure – when I say Challenge…I mean ‘work-out’. I know you knew that, but it’s nice to remember that it’s not just a ‘thing.’ I mean, I also like to remember that.)

Day 1.  –  Full Body Circuits

5 Minutes Jogging in place – To Warm Up

5 Circuits: Chest – Legs – Back – Core (That’s the order of body parts targeted)

Push-Up –       20
Squat –           10
Pull-Up –        10
Crunches –      15
Jog in place – 1 Minute

Diamond Press – 10
Wall Sit –            :45 Seconds
Chin Up –           8
Plank                 :45 Seconds
Jog in Place –     1 Minute

Punches –               50
Box Jump-Overs – 10
Superman –            10
Body-Curls –         10
Jog in Place –         1 Minute

Walking Push-Ups –    16
Sprint in Place –           1 Minute
Chin-Up Hang –          :30 Seconds
Handstand –                10 Attempts
Jog in Place                 1 Minute

Bear Crawl –                     20
Agility Dots –                     15
Alternating Hang-Grip –     20 Changes
Low-Plank Oblique           20
Jog in Place –                     1 Minute

Flex – 1 (It’s ok, I/You earned it.)