I’ve been on the lookout for wireless headphones for several years now. I’ve seen several companies pop up, go for a little while, and then go out of business without ever shipping a product. I have a whole diatribe on shipping a product early that I’ve had to learn in my own life, and how important that is… but all I really want to say in this post is what I want from wireless headphones.

Here’s what I have:

You’ll notice that I use sport hooks, because I, like many others, apparently don’t possess the magic ear shape that actually keeps “buds” in place. Especially during … you know, movement. There is clearly a WIRE here. So yeah, I currently use WIRED headphones.

Searching for “Wireless” headphones, this is what pops up:

You’ll notice that although there may no longer be a wire that plugs directly into my phone/computer, there is still a wire attaching the two things that go on my listeny bits. (ears) That’s called a pair of WIRED headphones. Cause…there’s a WIRE.

Here’s what I want:

That’s it. Take the same headphones that I have right now, with the “keeps it on your ears” hooks, and remove the wires. You know, like…Wireless.


  • Epic quality sound (I currently do not have this….SOUND is enough)
  • Ability to control the volume from the earbud itself (I currently do not have this)
  • Ability to take or make calls (I currently do not have this)
  • Ability to check the time, open my garage door, start my car, launch apps, or control air traffic (I do have all these with my current headphones but I’m a reasonable person and willing to make sacrifices)

If this simplicity in WIRELESS cannot be achieved, that’s fine. But can someone please just be honest with me about it?