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Serving Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland – Get more leads to your business and operate efficiently to serve them

Nathan Young Tedx Valparaiso Indiana

I have been serving as a business consultant for six years.

As I’ve worked with businesses in Champaign, Indianapolis, Chicagoland, and now my Northwest Indiana hometowns, I’ve discovered that some things are useful for almost everyone.

So, whether you’re in Valparaiso and Merrillville, or Chicagoland, I believe that I can bring value to your business with one of the services I provide.

Questions? Hit me up.

Business Development Consulting – Increase leads to your business

Where Could you, Should you, and Shouldn't you - be trying to get leads?
We all need to drive new leads to our business, every day. In order to increase leads to our businesses, we often opt for the hottest thing on the market. Join instagram, get into LinkedIn, put up flyers at the local coffee shop, post on facebook every day – these are all things that I have done at some point.

The reality is that your customers DO have places where they hang out, or where they intentionally search for you. Getting more leads for your business by being found, or spending time in, the places where your customers already are is the first step.

Let me help you review where you’re spending your time to draw in new leads, and together we can determine where it makes sense for you to be, and also make a plan for how you will use those channels to bring in more business effectively.

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SEO, Local Search, Facebook and Adwords
Be found where people are already looking. That is one of the mottos of SearchLab Chicago, the digital marketing agency where I serve as the General Manager.

The two absolute best places to be found are on the street with your sign, and on the search engine results page with your website or local listing.

If you are not being found by customers who are looking for your product, ready to buy, then you are ignoring the sales knocking on your door.

Let me utilize the power of our expert Search Marketing team to help you be found where people are already looking.

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Website Design and Conversion Optimization
Our team at SearchLab Chicago has professional web designers who understand that a website can be pretty – but it’s purpose is to sell.

SearchLab’s proven website design process combines modern aesthetics with conversion optimization and our Search Marketing science to build you something that brings people to the door.

We not only have expert website designers on staff, but also writers, photographers, and videographers. We even take flyover drone footage.

For your convenience, SearchLab has offices in the Ravenswood district of Chicago, IL as well as downtown Valparaiso, IN.

Connect with me today to schedule your website and conversion review.

Financial Management – Know what you’re spending, on what, and when

Budgeting and Cost Analysis
Budgeting is one of those things that everyone knows they need, but no one really wants to sit down and do. “How can I make a budget when I don’t have consistent income?” you might say. “How can we make a budget when we don’t know how much we sell?”

Budgets are for expenses and helping you manage them – they exist as a translator for the stories that your money is telling.

Let me help you clearly hear what your money is trying to tell you by understanding your expenses and providing you clarity on what’s happening inside your business.

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Cash Flow Management and Planning
Sometimes you have everything figured out with your costs and income, your budget looks great, and this quarter you are definitely making a profit.

Then suddenly the bank account is bone dry.

What happened?

Cash Flow Management is crucial to daily decision making. Too many expenses piled up in one week can leave you rich for the year and broke for the month.

Don’t get caught trying to leave the harbor in low tide.

Let me help you understand what your cash is doing.

Financial Projections
Are you playing checkers and you’re ready to play chess?

Financial Projections for your business help you move from thinking one step ahead to four, five, six steps ahead.

Built on a well researched budget, you can take your financial projections out of the month and into the year.

Backed by a solid Cash Flow management system, you’ll be able to see the pitfalls coming early and work to avoid them.

You’ll also be able to see when you get a big win, and know that you can celebrate.

Let’s play chess and not checkers.

Operational Efficiency – Helping you run your business better

Project Management
Process Improvement
Planning for Scale
Basic Hiring Process

Planning and Goals – Business Planning and Strategy

Project Planning and Roadmapping
Vision and Mission Statements
Marketing Strategy

Business Coaching, Blogs, Free Business Templates

Business Coaching
4 Pillar Small Business Assessment Tool
10 Ideas and Mind Mapping Training
Free Business Templates and Link to My Book

Writing – Thoughts on Business in general

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